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A team of six robotic ants moves a two-ton car

The unique ability of ants to move objects that are many times greater than their own weight is well


The English got the formula of the ideal free kick

It’s no secret that the absolute majority of well-known (and little-known)

Bacteria that feed on plastic waste are found

While scientists all over the world are arguing about how to

A new nanocoating, similar to the wings of insects, neutralizes bacteria

Resistance to bacteria is one of the most important parameters when

Artificial heart tissue can be an alternative to heart transplantation

Professor Tal Dhir and Ph.D. Dr. Ron Feiner of Tel-Aviv University

In the United States, a high-speed military hydrofoil

Specialists of the American company Juliet Marine Systems, founded by entrepreneur

LG introduces a flexible 65-inch OLED TV that can be rolled into the handset

In 2014 LG unveiled the world’s first flexible OLED TV at