A double-barreled pistol in the form of a smartphone

Smartphone Pistol

The American company Ideal Conceal specializes in the development of disguised weapons. Her next novelty is a pistol in the form of a smartphone. In it, the company embodied its own secret motto: “The best pistol is the one you always carry with you.”

The pistol has two barrels caliber .380 and in the “marching” position is no different from the popular gadget . But in a moment of danger, one click of the fuse is enough to make the “smartphone” turn into a formidable melee weapon.

Smartphone Pistol

Each barrel is loaded with one cartridge, which is enough to neutralize the intruder, encroaching on the life of the owner of the pistol-smartphone. To develop the necessary skills, one 10-minute workout is enough. The readiness for shooting is calculated in a few seconds.

The weapon is made as safely as possible. The defenseless mechanism will only work if removed from the fuse and bring the pistol into combat position.

The company Ideal Conceal still only receives the appropriate patent for its product. It is expected that the gun will go on sale already in the middle of this year at a price of about $400 .

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