Artificial heart tissue can be an alternative to heart transplantation

A heart

Professor Tal Dhir and Ph.D. Dr. Ron Feiner of Tel-Aviv University have made a real breakthrough in transplantology. They created an artificial heart tissue with a nanocomposite structure in combination with living cells and flexible electronics that can replace affected heart tissue.

“Patch”, which is an amalgam of living cells and electronic components, not only replaces the affected cardiac tissue, but also allows you to monitor and, if necessary, electrically stimulate the heart by remote monitoring.

Heart patch

The unique development of Israeli scientists gives hope to thousands of patients waiting for a heart transplant, since instead of replacing it completely it became possible to replace only the damaged part. At the same time, several countries are actively researching the creation of artificially grown hearts . However, the prospects for achieving full success there are rather vague.

Currently, Israeli scientists are working on creating similar “patches” for damaged areas of the brain and spine. According to Professor Dvir, the long-term goal is to enable “by means of an artificial electronic implant to” regulate one’s own well-being “.

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