Boeing unveiled an unmanned submarine capable of not surfacing for months

Submarine Boeing

When we hear about Boeing, the first thing that comes to mind is the airplanes. However, the fact remains, Boeing is really engaged in the development of submarines since the 1960s. The most recent “underwater creation” of the company called Echo Voyager was created to be under water in full autonomy for months.

The 15-meter Voyager complements the Boeing submarine lineup, which already includes two unmanned submarines: the 10-meter Echo Seeker and the 5-meter Echo Ranger.

Submarine Boeing

Like its smaller “brethren,” the new device is designed to collect information for scientific or military purposes . But there is one important difference: Voyager is designed to perform missions lasting several months against two or three days of work Seeker and Ranger. This is facilitated by a hybrid rechargeable power plant.

In addition, Voyager does not require a special vessel for its launch. A drone can be sent to carry out a task directly from a factory or a home base. If necessary, the device itself rises to the surface in order to transmit the accumulated information.

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