In Europe, tested the flying taxi Passenger Drone

Developers of the company Passenger Drone have started testing their own passenger aircraft, which, they say, will be able to compete with Ehang 184 and Volocopter. But while the latter are promoting their developments in Dubai , Passenger Drone is testing its own flying taxi in Europe.

Creators Passenger Drone posted a video that demonstrates the flight of their development. While flying alone the device is unsafe, so for the first time in the cockpit of a passenger drone, a pilot was put in. He estimated the aerodynamic capabilities of the device and tested its main systems in flight. From the final version of the drone, the controls will not be removed either, so it can fly both independently and under pilot control.

The cockpit of the device is very similar to the helicopter, but, unlike them, a flying taxi flies with the help of sixteen motors equipped with its own electric drive. This allows the drone to fly about half an hour at a speed of about 50 kilometers per hour. The developers note that it would be possible to use more capacious batteries in order to increase the flight range, but now this may not be the best option, because then not only the mass of the device will increase, but also its price.

While the flying taxi passes the most initial stage of tests, therefore the first demonstrations with his participation will be held only at the beginning of next year. Prices, as well as the timing, when it is worth waiting for the start of mass production, the developers have not yet reported.

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