Exoskeletons from Panasonic will turn any person into a superman

Exoskeleton Panasonic

The company Panasonic introduced a new family of futuristic suits in the style of “Iron Man”, which give those who wear them, a truly inhuman force. So model AWN-03 allows to lift heavy objects without effort, and model PLN-01 “Ninja” – to move on rough terrain, without even sweating.

Exoskeleton AWN-03 will certainly be in demand in the factory shops for carrying very heavy items . The cost of each model exceeds 8100 dollars. Exoskeletons are autonomous, thanks to a power supply designed for 8 hours of operation.

Exoskeleton Panasonic

The manufacturer of exoskeletons is a division of Panasonic company ActiveLink. Currently, its specialists together with one of the technical firms are working on the improvement of the PLN-01 model, so that it is as easy and convenient as possible in production conditions.

Exoskeleton Panasonic

Another novelty of the corporation was a robotic bed for the elderly, which can be transformed into an armchair if necessary. This is very important for the rapidly aging Japan.

Panasonic Ex eclipse

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