FBI warns of the risks of car hacking

Hackers of cars

The FBI and the US National Road Safety Administration have expressed growing concern about the risk of hacking of automotive computer systems. In the appeal there is an increase in the threat of cybersecurity of vehicles.

So, last year, Fiat Chrysler Corporation withdrew 1.4 million vehicles with access to the Internet. The cause of the recall was the vulnerability discovered by the enthusiasts , which allows to completely control the car.

Modern vehicles have a number of digital technologies that provide, in particular, additional safety functions, fuel economy and greater comfort.

However, if there is an on-board computer that is connected to the Internet, there is a threat of cybersecurity. In this regard, the FBI offers car owners several recommendations:

  • The software must be up-to-date;
  • Care should be taken to follow up the recall campaigns of cars;
  • Observe the precautions when making changes to the vehicle’s software;
  • Personally connect additional devices to the vehicle;
  • Remember about people who have physical access to the vehicle.

The FBI also warns of the possibility of hackers infiltrating software updates by sending out fake messages that contain malware .

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