HydroCamel II: the first autonomous robotic submarine from Israel

An increasing number of countries are hiring robots. These countries can now be attributed to Israel, whose designers recently announced that the state’s territorial waters will now be protected by the autonomous robotic HydroCamel II submarine. It, according to experts, can do a number of things that other similar devices are not capable of doing.

HydroCamel II is a fairly common submarine, 2.4 meters long. On board, it carries a number of sonar systems, cameras with different observation modes, and a number of manipulators for performing various tasks. “Brain” HydroCamel II is a robotic system based on a neural network. The submarine can be used not only for security and reconnaissance purposes, but also carry out missions to study the seabed and its inhabitants, and also to be used by geologists to determine places of accumulation of minerals. As one of the authors of the project, Professor Hugo Guterman,

“HydroCamel II contains in its design a lot of modern innovative technologies, for example, a high-level maneuvering system and the ability to dive in an upright position. Previously, such functions were limited to the fact that such devices could only operate by remote control, being connected to a ship or land by a cable through which energy and data are transmitted. “

Now the production of HydroCamel II is handled by a company called BG Robotics. And according to available information, the cost of a new underwater robot is not inferior to the available analogs, and the submarine will be operational in the very near future.

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