In the United States, a high-speed military hydrofoil

Boat Ghost

Specialists of the American company Juliet Marine Systems, founded by entrepreneur Greg Sankoff, developed a high-speed military boat Ghost (“Spirit”). The vessel moves, leaning on two wing-shaped racks in height of 3,6 meters with floats in underwater part. Outwardly, it is somewhat reminiscent of the imperial shuttle of Darth Vader, the hero of Star Wars.

Speed ​​Ghost – more than 60 km / h is achieved with the help of two gas turbines with a capacity of 2000 liters. from. each located at the rear of the floats. The boat is not afraid of waves with a height of about 2.5 meters.

Boat Ghost

Depending on the depth of the reservoir, the angle of the struts can be adjusted. So in shallow water or in the parking lot they are brought to a horizontal position. The hull of the vessel is manufactured using the “Stealth” technology. It can carry torpedo, missile or artillery weapons.

Boat Ghost

High speed of the ship became possible, thanks to the use of cavitation effect. Its essence lies in the formation under certain conditions of an air bubble around the object moving through the liquid, resulting in a significant reduction in friction. With regard to the Ghost it is a question of the propeller.

In the future, Ghost developers hope to increase its speed to 97 km / h. The cost of the vessel is about 10 million dollars.

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