Photo of the largest known mining farm in Russia

Probably everyone already knows what Bitcoins are and that they need to be ” mineed ” on special farms. The bigger the farm, the more money it brings to its owners. That’s just one of these structures. At the moment it is the largest and most successful mining farm in Russia – every month it brings its owners millions of dollars in profits.

Only in this room are 3000 devices, which continuously crypto currency for their owners.

A huge farm consumes a lot of electricity. Every month the farm pays about 6.5 million rubles “for light”.

The equipment is monitored around the clock by four engineers who are constantly monitoring the work of mining devices and software. In the arsenal of employees there are video cameras, monitors and everything that can be needed in a variety of situations, including emergency ones.

Each month the farm brings to the owners about 600 Bitcoins, which at the rate at the time of writing this post is about nine million dollars.

So the farm workers monitor the temperature on the ashki.

By the way, every ASIC costs not so little money. The average device costs a couple of thousand dollars, but like any other equipment, it can unexpectedly fail, so engineers strictly monitor the state of the devices, immediately changing them in case of malfunctions.

Periodically, the farm’s capacity is increased by purchasing new equipment and increasing its monthly income. A serious upgrade requires serious cash injections, after all, in addition to the equipment for mining, it is necessary to monitor the wiring, ventilation and cooling system.

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